Anchor (BB&ICONZ Yr 1-3)

The Boys’ Brigade and ICONZ Programmes are feely similar at this age group. This age is encouraged to begin to explore the world around them, discover new exciting skills and be able to observe and look forward to graduating into the next age bracket. Parent involved nights are feely common at this age too.

Team Section (BB Yr 4-6)

Boys can earn 2 badges a year by completing requirements in 5 key areas, Spiritual, Physical, Adventure, Community, and Interest. This age group gets a little more adventurous by going camping, sports, marching, skill based interests, and the list goes on.

Adventure (ICONZ Yr 4-6))

ICONZ Adventure, like Team Section, focuses on the 5 key areas to holistic growth Spiritual, Physical, Adventure, Community, and Interest. In Adventure there are three separate year programmes so while your child is in adventure no badge will be repeated. There are 60 badge split throughout the 5 key areas and boys are usually rewarded with the successfully completed ones at the end of term.

Xtreme (ICONZ Yr 7-9))

Xtreme continues with the 5 key areas and takes them to a whole other level. There are more outings and things that will push your boy to the edge of their comfort zones so they become aware of where boundaries are in a safe environment. Boys are often given responsibilities and leadership training and roles at this age.

Company Section (BB Yr 7-13))

While Company Section does run from Yr 7-13 it’s badge structure works differently for Jnr Company (Yr7-9) and Snr. Company (Yr 10-13). Boys in Company gather a wide range of skills as they begin to look after their environment, learn skills to take them into jobs, output into the community, and grow a deeper understanding of themselves and the encouragement of them taking their faith into their own hands. Boys at this level are learning to grow and push each other along as they discover themselves as men.

Delta (ICONZ Yr 10-13))

Currently there are only a couple of Delta Units and they are in the Upper North Island. At the moment the programme is being piloted to ensure that the finished product is of a standard that will grow boys at a maximum level.