Frequently asked Questions

What is your highest award? 
Queens Badge. To earn this a boy will have needed to be in Delta for at least 3-4 years and have completed the necessary badge work. It is very hard to get.

Are you just like Scouts? 
Yes and No. BB and Scouts started around 20 years of each other (BB 1886, Scouts 1907) and in fact William A. Smith (BB Founder) and Bayden Powell (Scout Founder) were friends. Back then the difference was that BB was more on discipline and skill and Scouts was on outdoor activity and survival. These days the programs could be considered similar but there are distinct differences. The main one being that we are and will remain a Christian organisation. This doesn’t mean we are ramming religion down your child’s throat, but we do teach them Christian morals, beliefs, Bible, and encourage them to chose their path in life wisely.

Do you work with DoE? 
Yes. The Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award system works alongside the Delta Sections well. In fact by the time a boy has finished in Delta he should have easily have completed Bronze or Silver and some requirements for Gold.

What does ICONZ stand for? 
ICONZ despite what you think does not have a meaning of the ICO and then New Zealand. It is simply taken from the word Icons. The goal of ICONZ is to take a boy and five him the ability to be a Kiwi Icon. It is just a play on words and letters.

What does BB stand for? 
BB is short for Boys’ Brigade, for years people inside and outside of Boys’ Brigade have referred to it as BB. in 2022 with moving back to one branding BB has become our new brand as BB engages with boys and young men right across New Zealand providing age specific programs that seek to develop boys into young men who are constructive, active, caring, resilient, innovative young leaders and contributing citizens. We may have evolved from a traditional Scottish past but this is very kiwi in its approach, activities and content.